Yalc is a great little tool similar to the likes of yarn link and npm link. What it allows us to do is use our local component packages as dependencies of other projects. I prefer Yalc because it physically changes your package.json so you are always aware of which component package you're using and where from.

Install Yalc globally:

# install globally
npm i -g yalc

# publish package locally
yalc publish

# publish and update all projects using that yalc store
yalc publish --push

# add your local package as a dependency
yalc add my-package
# (This will change/add the package location in your package.json)

# remove it from / revert your package.json
yalc remove my-package
Updated: 10 February 2022

Update NPM Packages Interactively

Need to update a few packages quickly without typing them all out? Use the script below to quickly select the packages you want and update them all at once.

npx npm-check -u
Updated: 18 March 2022

Format with Prettier CLI

Sometimes you haven't got Prettier set up for your project yet (for whatever reason) and you want to format a bunch of files before you commit:

execute it from your terminal:

npx prettier --write path-to/your-files 

or add it into your package.json

"scripts": {
    "format": "npx prettier --write app"
Updated: 4 April 2022