Helps developers build applications/websites faster and automate tedious processes. Making life a little bit easier (which we all like)

Dependency Management

Seamlessly manage your node and NPM versions. This has been a life saver on more than one occasion and it makes it all super simple. I have some snippets available which will help you in setting up and not having to scour the docs for relevant commands.

Dev Environment


No Bundler/Lightening Fast

Leveraging ESM modules Vite is incredibly fast to startup, super flexible (doesn't tie you into a framework) and is an all round pleasure to work with. Run npm init vite@latest to get started.

Overhaul Spotlight


Spotlight but better

I came across Raycast via a tweet from @mxstbr and I've got to say it's pretty amazing and improved my productivity and overall workflow tremendously. Quick Links is an amazing feature and I can open code projects quicker than ever!



Share Code Images

Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Images can easily be shared to twitter or you can download the images files and share that way.


Share files flawlessly

I like to think of it as weTransfer without the fuss. Forget waiting files to finish uploading to send out the link, share it straight away and let friends/colleagues start downloading simultaneously.


Airdrop alternative

Sometimes I find airdrop to be a little temperamental so this neat little site lets you share files between devices if you are on the same network.

Task Runners


Automate Tasks

A simple, easy to learn task runner, producing efficient builds, automate task. It will pretty much do whatever you want, has a huge ecosystem and is my go-to for WordPress development.

Text Editor

Visual Studio Code

Firm Favourite

My go to editor of choice. No need for anymore suggestions, it's just that good. I'll also add some of my current config below.




A collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. I've not read a lot of it yet but it seems pretty cool.

Window management


Spectacle but better

Moving to a widescreen monitor meant I needed to focus a lot more on my window management. Being written in Swift means it's super quick and you can tweak all of the shortcuts to match your own preferences.