Need to store your data somewhere or just looking to delve more into the back-end (authentication, sessions etc) you'll need a database. I'm no database expert but there is some great articles and resources out there to help.


A great introduction to Planetscale and how to get up and running. This tutorial focuses on getting set up with Next but you can just as easily get set up for another framework (like this one, which is built with Remix)



Database ORM

By far the easiest way to interact with your database. The docs are great, the API is easy to learn and first-class Typescript support makes creating and using models a breeze.

Some tips for Prisma:

  • Install the VS Code extension
  • Use npx prisma studio to visualise your data and make any manual changes.


key/value store

Improve your back-end's performance by caching API responses in an Upstash Redis store. I use Upstash on this site and if you're shipping serverless I recommend using their REST API and creating your own get, set and delete methods.