This is a group of resources I have either learned something from or thought could become useful in the future.

Latest Resources

The Brand Identity

Graphic Inspiration

An independent graphic design resource with a global reach, showcasing the best projects, companies and products relevant to the industry.

If you use UnoCSS (I use it for quite a few of my projects) it has a fantastic feature which let's you add icons via class names. Each icon is pulled from, a huge collection of open source icons. Alternatively, if you prefer to use icons as components check out unplugin-icons on GitHub.

Designed and Distributed

A smaller library of fonts than the others but hugely diverse in styles. Personally I see some fonts here that would make for a great large heading font or intro paragraph to your portfolio.

Libre Typeface Catalogue

A gem of a find found in this thread. It's more of a curator of links rather than an open source foundry itself, but what it does do is display the fonts in such a way that you get a great feel for them.

Open Foundry

Open Source Fonts

The Open Foundry brings together a curated selection of some of the best open source fonts out there. If you're looking for some more stylised fonts, I recommend taking a look here.